Last week a few of us were lucky enough to visit Camden Brewery alongside our friends at Adnams Brewery.

Camden Hells has become one of our best sellers now and we were all intrigued to discover more about it’s heritage.

Camden Brewery is the brainchild of Jasper Cuppaidge who had started off as as a Publican and created his first brew as a gift for his mother. Having discovered a passion for brewing he set up operation in Camden and called it after this special little part of London.


On our visit we met the head brewer who showed us their snazzy machine which ensures recipes are maintained to exacting measures.


Part of Camden’s success has been due to their very specific ingredients and the way they use these. Certain grains work best with certain hops. Temperatures one day might need to be adjusted from those the previous day etc etc. Their preference is for German malt and hops (which were being delivered that morning while we were there).


Everyone we met there seemed very proud to be part of the growth of Camden Brewery which moves to a bigger site in Enfield next year due to demand. Having visited their packing rooms we can easily see the appeal for a bigger space!

img_3491 img_3492

After a tasting of all of the Camden products we all agreed the Unfiltered Hells is actually even better than our current Hells so we’d love to try and get that in to the Garnet next year… but we’ll just have to see if you agree with us and don’t accuse us of pouring you a cloudy pint!!

**We’d just like to say thanks to Steve at Adnams for helping us to organise this visit and to the Crew at Camden Brewery