Having had a few ups and downs with our food offer over the last two years we believe we have finally cracked it with the launch of our Market Tapas which is thankfully receiving very positive feedback. As far as possible we source what we can for our menu straight from our neighbours next door.


Norwich Market in its current site predates Norman times. At the beginning of the last century (and perhaps poignantly for us as these are some of the photographs depicted by George Plunkett in our newly opened ‘George Plunkett Room’) changes to the the Market took place after WWI. The stalls were taken on by the Market’s Committee with the aim of encouraging displaced ex service men to rent them and earn a living. If you speak to many of the traders here today they will proudly tell you that they have had their stalls passed down through family from that generation, embodying all that is determined about the spirit of Norfolk.

I don’t think we ever quite appreciated the historical and cultural significance that this incredible place has for Norwich when we moved in to the pub three years ago. As we discover more and more of it’s past, we are overwhelmed with a feeling of pride to be part of its community.


In more recent years, new blood has joined Norwich Market and welcome influences from far away cultures have joined the ranks. IMG_9506.JPGNot only can you eat fresh oysters whilst having your shoes re-soled, you can buy organic vegetables, every herb and spice you could dream of, Chinese treats, 10 different types of sausages and Indian saris!


IMG_9499Plans are also in place for a regeneration of the market so we’ll be keeping an eye on that.

Do come and have a shop the next time you are in town. You never know what you might find!

Further info on Norwich Market can be found by clicking here.

Our Market Tapas menu is currently available Tuesdays to Saturdays until 9.30pm. The current menu can be found on our website by clicking here.