As we head in to Autumn, it’s nice to look back over the incredible Summer we’ve had. Weddings, christenings (our one year anniversary!) laughter, tears… and there is a little place on our balcony above the pub which has looked over it all.

Underneath the web-cam, with a beautiful view of Gentlemans Walk sits our herb garden…


It was naturally the idea of The Baron of Beef, as my interests in gardening are fairly limited. The idea of fresh herbs for his creations, which he could simply just nip upstairs to collect, was understandably appealing.

However, after one cracked window pane from doors slamming due to over-enthusiastic bar staff on watering duties… I was convinced it might just be better to buy them from the market stalls. Difficult to appreciate the splendour when faced with shattered glass and a miserable looking grow bag.


I’m pleased to admit I was being a horrible bore. The miserable grow bags now burst at the seams with fresh life and colour;  different varieties of tomatoes (cherry, marzano, tomatillos) and chillies (scotch bonnets and razzmatazz). The smell of the abundant rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, margoram is just incredible and there is something very pecaeful about peeping through a rosemary bush to the hustle and bustle of market life below.

So next time you are in Norwich and walking along Gentleman’s Walk, do give our tomato plants a wave… they’ll be watching you!