Curious goings on when wandering through the market to the pub the other morning. A girl was struggling with a big mass of long black balloons, trying to shove it through the entrance of the Undercroft (under the war memorial).


It’s all up in the Air is a concept by visual artist Rhona Byrne. ‘It acts as both site-specific outdoor sculpture and a travelling host to happenings, events and social encounters.’

From Friday 10th – Saturday 26th May these intriguing clouds of black matter will be inhabiting that space like a strange think tank. There will be a series of related talks and workshops also happening whilst it’s in situ.

So how do you feel when you walk in?


Supposedly these balloons represent an emblem of misery and pessimism. I am guessing a sort of brain, confused and over-whelmed. But the patterned slices of triangle carpet, whilst chaotic, seemed to offer a sort optimism. Partnered together, there is definitely something very special about sitting under one of these sculptures. It gives a moment to let imaginations run, yet also a moment to gather thoughts.

It’s like entering the door to a little part of your brain….(whilst another part of it is still outside in the bustling market)

… definitely worth popping in to!