It was this rather inconspicuous stool sitting in the corner of the farthest away attic room that cemented our suspicions… we have a ghost (or more than one).


Concern had first been raised by Nick, who had gone upstairs three times to shut and bolt the french door as a curtain at the bottom of the stairwell had been billowing at such a volume that it was constantly distracting him. On the third time of noticing the curtain again, he went upstairs assuming the door was open… to discover all doors and windows bolted shut.

“there just wasn’t a draft from anywhere. It made no rational sense why the curtain kept flapping…”

Then came continuing calls from Jonty (a good friend who has installed a web cam on our roof to look over the market) to say the web cam was off… again. The plug for this is at the very top of the building also (and you must understand, it’s in an attic… we don’t use it regularly) and kept being taken out. The more I kept asking everyone working at the pub the more bafflement, it seemed nobody even knew where the plug and camera was…let alone would go up to turn it off.


So the final straw was when I noticed one of the little bar stools we had downstairs had gone missing. I’d assumed it may have found itself to one of the upper dining rooms but none of us could fathom its whereabouts.

Finally, after being informed the webcam was off AGAIN I trotted up to the top of the very building to switch it back on… and there it was. Solitarily sitting by the window, like someone had been sitting on it gazing dreamily at the market below or Guildhall opposite.

Should we be scared? Maybe but then again we all like the weird and wonderful so hopefully we can all muddle along!