As we rushed to complete last minute painting and plumbing tasks, nothing prepared us for the stress of our beer taps being sent without any actual taps and two cellar coolers having to be returned with faults! One delivery also got held in Belgium and another large one went mis-directed to The Birdcage.

With the Olympic torch relay day looming and the city centre being placed on lock-down for deliveries it was starting to seem like we’d be the first pub to open it’s doors without any beer on tap!

Thankfully, through the graciousness of our first guests and the efficiency of the local brewers (we had always planned to have local ales on tilts behind the bar, straight from the cask) we managed to get through the first 24 hours….


I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive and supportive responses from our neighbours and friends. The evenings of the Olympic torch relay and the Lord Mayors will go down as one of the most brilliant atmosphere’s in Norwich in my life-time, and well done to all who were involved in making it happen.


The plan for us is to open every day from 11-late and up until 2 am at the weekends (following a conversation with some local restauranteurs and theatre-goers who seemed so delighted at the possibility of somewhere to go for a civilised late night drink).

Sunday we will open all day for a proper roast, sourced by ‘The Baron’ with what’s looking most delicious on the market that week.

Our drinks selection will change intermittently with locally sourced suppliers changing every season. I hope to be able to feature them on this blog from time to time too….

The menu’s have been created to look like old fashioned newspapers on parchment but this is an example layout which gets sent off for printing (just imagine it with a vintage, yellowing background!)…. 


And one last thing…..dogs are very welcome as our children. As someone who has both, I get very tired of never knowing where I can take them!

Anyway, enough rambling for now but thank you…… and hope to see you here very soon.