I had always known from the start that the signage had to be done by hand. Hand-written signage has become increasingly rare in favour of the convenience of vinyl lettering.

I’d always loved this Boots the Chemist in a little village down south…. simple, perfect and classic….


Those who are still craftsmen of this trade are sparce and, understandably, expensive. But The Sir Garnet was a building crying out for an authenticity which it had been lacking, and I was not to be deterred.


Alack another issue I hadn’t planned for was that, with my limited budget, I would have two sign-writers drop out in favour of bigger jobs but such is life!

Fortune was in my favour when, on a particularly rainy day, someone handed me a piece of paper with the number for David Rose….

David has been a craftsman in Norfolk for all of his life and I was thrilled when he was so enthusiastic about the project, that he was willing to work around the slightly frantic time scales we were leaving him with. We discussed the differences between gold leaf and gold paint but there was simply no way we could get this far and not do it properly. Gold leaf it had to be.

Watching him carefully chalk up the letters and apply the gold sheets is a skill I shall always be amazed by. Especially with so much attention from passers by!


It seems to me the signage, over-looking the market, seems to be one of the things people are most enjoying at the moment. I’m certainly very proud of it.Image