The Sir Garnet pub had originally commenced trading under the name ‘The Baron of Beef’ (before that it had been a butcher’s). The location pictured here in an extract from a picture of the Market drawn in 1855 by David Hodgson, reproduced by courtesy of the Norwich Museum and Art Gallery. The gabled building is the site of the original Baron of Beef.



“A baron of beef is a joint of beef consisting of two sirloins left uncut at the backbone. The herb Thymus herba-barona (caraway thyme) was used historically to season barons of beef, which inspired it’s scientific name.”

In the U.S, the term refers to describe any big and/or expensive joint of beef.

Here in our pub, the term will actually refer to our chef who will be creating some simple specials and delicious meaty treats….

Our ‘Baron of Beef’ has been a close friend of mine for over ten years and used to save the day with his delicious home cooking when we were feeble students.

He will be upstairs every day in The Sir Garnet kitchen concocting a very limited but excellently selected menu sourcing local produce. Once the specials are gone…they’re gone. He’ll also be offering a small range of home-made experimental burgers. 

And on Sundays, we hope we can provide a proper roast in the city centre whilst the market is at it’s most peaceful. 

Follow the Baron on twitter for his updates from the kitchen:  @Baron_Of_Beef