Three days ago an anonymous package arrived through our door. It contained a beautifully preserved copy of a play by Kay Macaulife; “All Sir Garnet”.


I had been familiar with the work of Kay Macaulife as I had studied theatre design at St. Martins, and taken great interest in female playwrights.

Born in 1909, Kay’s great passion in life was the theatre. After re-loacting to Sussex during the war she formed The Kay Club, a select group of women who acted in the plays she wrote. Her determination to put on performances throughout the war and beyond, lighting or no lighting, stage or no stage, is the kind of attitude I adore.

“We’ve collected a heap of memories and a lot of fun. We’ve made people laugh at their own everyday problems, which certainly aren’t funny off the stage, and while we can do that I guess the Kay Club will keep going.”

She led a full life, dying in 1995.

As for “All Sir Garnet” it is a play in one act featuring five female characters. I won’t spoil the plot but it’s very interesting with vague elements of ‘The Woman in Black’, ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Little Women’. The final sentence, however, is the one that particularly resonates for me in view of everything going on at the moment…

‘”It’s wonderful, that after all these years everything’s going to be “All Sir Garnet”‘

(Obviously not if The Ladbrokes next door get’s it way with the luminous signage it has put in for planning, but that’s another story!!)

We’ll frame this copy and get it up on the walls,  but i’ll photocopy it first and keep it behind the bar should you ever want to read it.

And to our mystery sender; I can’t think of a lovelier gift to receive at the moment, so whoever you are…… thankyou.