Quotes for insurance, fire alarms and security systems have started to fill me with panic so we’ve had to start the process of shaving money off other costs.

We decided, in efforts to bring down budgets, there had to be a way of salvaging the existing bar furniture and giving it a new life. Like everything so far, it wasn’t just a case of de-tacking the upholstery…oh no, there were decades and decades of ripped fabric. An absolute army of staples and nails to get through. Each chair takes, about 2 hours just to get back to it’s core.


Whilst Prince Philip and the Queen avoided pneumonia on the Thames, our wonderful friends gave up time on their bank holiday to come and save a chair. With a bit of sanding, and a lick of ebony varnish they began to take shape.

And having looked pretty drab, there is something quite characteristic and traditional about them now I think…..like they have seen many comings and goings and will continue for years to come.

I like to think these are our Jubilee chairs and we’ll always remember that weekend. When we get open, i’m going to see if I can get some little plaques put on the chairs for the people who have helped me along the way with this project. It would be nice for them to always think they have a place to sit down after all the work!