You can see where the room had been essentially sliced in two

The delight and finding floor-boards under the layers of carpets and linoleum, became slightly less exciting when it emerged that the room had suffered some kind of leak in the past and exactly half the boards had been ripped up.

Pulling up the ply-board on that side revealed that underneath, the truly original floor-boards from when the pub had been first built were residing. They were recessed, so that the whole room would be like walking over one of those clik-claks in a fun house. But lovely to think they were still there, spanning the length of the space, underneath the newer planks. It’s like seeing an older, sunken version of the room there at the moment.

We’re going to replace the missing boards on the side where the leak had been, and cover the first-stage ones back up again ….because i’m not sure they will survive much longer if we don’t!