Garnet Joseph Wolseley (1833-1913), was the leading British general of the second half of the nineteenth century. Of Anglo-Irish descent, no Victorian was considered a greater hero for a longer period than he.

He served in Burma, the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny, China, Canada, Africa and co-ordinated the Nile Expedition against Mahdist Sudan in 1884-85. According to Disraeli, he was ‘our only general’.


The pub was named The Sir Garnet Wolseley in 1874, the same year as had received honours for his brilliantly executed Ashanti campaign. To the public at this time, he epitomised the virtues they most admired: exceptional personal bravery and an unshakeable belief in the virtues of the British Empire.

In recognition of his success, an expression arose: “all Sir Garnet” meaning; that everything is in good order.

For me, i’d like to think we could continue with these imaginations of bravery and his belief in Britain (be it reality or myth). It’s a great starting point for looking at what we hope to sell, and the atmosphere we hope to create.

I love the idea that to say ‘Sir Garnet’ as an expression means ‘all’s good’. It seems very fitting that to simply say the name of this pub, you can also be referring to a state of calm. There’s a positivity in it.

Reading more about his life, it also seemed a nice (be it tenuous) connection that his only child was called Frances…. as is mine.

So far….Sir Garnet!