6 years ago I took over The Birdcage pub (what was then known as The Pottergate Tavern). The pub had been neglected in recent years but I always felt, from the minute I walked in, that it wanted to be loved….and it wanted to have fun! Every wall we plastered and floor-board we replaced felt like the building was breathing again…..

Some pictures of The Pottergate Tavern before The Birdcage


6 years on and with a baby in tow, I find myself wandering past an abandoned pub in the centre of Norwich Market and like the mad woman I am, I can’t resist calling the agent to have a look round.

Just as before, there is this inexplicable feeling the minute you walk in. Whilst unloved at the moment, it’s just crying out for the hub-bub of chatter to fill the air…

Much to the horror of my partner, I decide there and then that The Sir Garnet pub has got to be a place worth nurturing…..